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The Eagle nebula

The Eagle nebula

David Dayag

David Dayag combined his passions of astronomy, photography, and tech and has been capturing stunning images of the cosmos for over 3 years, capturing galaxies, stars, suns, nebulae, planets, and constellations thousands and millions of light-years away. 'The amazingly beautiful Eagle nebula, M16, is an emission and star-forming region. Its size is about 70 light-years across, and it is located around 6000 light-years from the earth', states the Astro photographer. At the heart of the Eagle, nebula are the famous Pillars of Creation nebula which stretch to about 5 light-years. The image was captured with narrowband filters and an astronomy camera mounted on an 11-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope using a tracking mount.  

Why we believe in: Astrophotography in a way is a form of capturing our cosmos to understand where we come from and where we probably will go.  

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