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The abandoned Hotel

The abandoned Hotel

Michael Boegl

Born in 1996 in Germany, Michael Boegl had a passion for photography since he was a child. Back in 2019, he turned this passion into his profession to make a living. The abandoned Hotel #10 by Michael Boegl is part of the series 'EXPLORE THE ALPS' and has been captured on Furka Pass, Switzerland. The photograph is part of a collection of extraordinary images from the last three years Boegl has been traveling through the Alps. The collection counts 12 unique images, each of them telling a unique story about breath-taking places from the famous Matterhorn in Switzerland to the 'Mordor-like' landscapes in South Tyrol.  

Why we believe in: Michael Boegl showcases the passion of traveling at its best, full stop.  

We warmly welcome Michael Boegl to Jenny DAO

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