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Still Life.1

Still Life.1

Anna Condo

Anna Condo is an Armenian-born filmmaker and photographer who grew up in France and lived in the US for almost 30 years. Taken by the beauty, color, shape and form of flowers, Condo creates her flower artworks daily. Anna Condo revived her interest in photography in 2013, using flowers as her ultimate muse. The medium and the models became a creative outlet in solitude, counterbalancing her filmmaking's collaborative spirit.  

Why we believe in this NFT: Her work embodies grace, elegance, life, humility and incredible strength. ‘I look up to flowers. I aspire to what they symbolize to our whole world, visible and invisible, says Anna Condo.’ And so do we.  

We warmly welcome Anna Condo to Jenny DAO

NFT: https://foundation.app/@a1111ac011d0/stillife/1  

Original collection https://opensea.io/assets/0x3243815e2197fd7b29f1fe4cb3d934a45d03fca9/1

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