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Snakeskin Waterfall

Snakeskin Waterfall

David Brandon Geeting

1989 born David Brandon Geeting is a NYC-based photographer, known for bending genres and creating a chaotic yet curious world of ideas. He has published four books and his work has been exhibited internationally. Geeting's work ‘Amusement Park’ is a wild ride through a mix of assembled still life and unusual portrait photographs, photographs from a wonder machine with sensory overload of entertainment. We could assume that Geeting’s dense compositions in Amusement Park are the result of sophisticated Photoshop usage. But the series is tangible, with layers created primarily without the use of computerized cut-and-paste tools. Geeting uses a combination of printed backgrounds, paper photographs, numerous solitary items, and in some cases, a piece of clear Plexiglas to provide more depth and shadows.  

Why we believe in this NFT: Geeting’s embrace of amusement makes us suspicious and give a different view of photographic seeing.  

We warmly welcome David Brandon Geeting Jenny DAO

NFT:  https://opensea.io/assets/ethereum/0xfd3f2caf95e81c69bf1c531a5e85836bc2b28419/11

Original collection https://foundation.app/@fellowshipstudio/dbgap/11

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