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Serce Matki #3

Serce Matki #3

Claudia Pawlak

Claudia Pawlak is a web 3 enthusiast and a photographer currently residing in Toronto, Ontario. Pawlak uses photography as a means of preserving emotional response evoked from the spaces around her. Her work aims to create a personal narrative connecting her relationship with people and place. 'Serce Matki' (Mother’s Heart), or alternatively titled, 'Most Importantly, Love Your Mother', is a photographic body of work created during 2019 which explores the evolution of the mother-daughter relationship from co-dependency to two self-sustaining women. The title of the series is derived from the poem 'Kochaj róże, kochaj bratki, a najbardziej serce matki' (I love roses, I love pansies, but the most important is my mother's heart) – a mantra of sorts - used by Polish children throughout generations as a verbal or written confession of love. Claudia Pawlak states about the series herself, that 'during the creation of this work, I was processing my changing relationship with my mother, acknowledging that our relationship had reached a critical shift. Throughout my entire life, I’ve witnessed a woman choosing to place the needs of her children before her own, now living in and through them. I began exploring my mother’s archives of letters, photographs, and documents from her home country of Poland, seeking to understand her identity outside the constructs of motherhood.'  

Why we believe in: The series of photographs is piecing together the material evidence of two lifes and experiences, intimate moments between a photographer, a mother, and a sister, as an attempt to understand their identities today.  

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