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Pink Lady

Pink Lady

Isabel Virtual

Isabel 'Virtual' Martínez is a Creative Director with over 12 years of experiencee in helping brands to establish meaningful relationships with their audiences by explaining stories that connect with them. She came to photography by accident while shooting with her iPhone. Isabel Virtual describes her image like this: 'Sometimes a mask is not a mask. Even when we try to hide, part of what we are remains there. It can happen by chance or on purpose and, suddenly, common people become someone else. A mystery to solve. The transformation is never completed. Look carefully, my soul is there, just behind the pink colour. Staring at you. I’m the impostor behind the mask.'  

Why we believe in: This photo is part of her early portrait series photographs starting 2011 and a kind of anti-selfie way of showing herself. In 2019 the project got commissioned by @apple. We warmly welcome Isabel Virtual to Jenny DAO

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Original collection: https://superrare.com/0x3d0c3cd4a465423791f344d7da8ea3b69b8c5b11/pink-lady-2

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