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Pandemic Evidence

Pandemic Evidence

Barbara Davidson

Barbara Davidson is a three-time Pulitzer Prize and Emmy award-winning photographer and director. Davidson is a 2019-2020 Guggenheim Fellow recipient. Barbara Davidson’s series ‘Pandemic Evidence’ freezes in time how Angelenos looked and felt during California’s ‘lock down’ and will lend a historical context to the Coronavirus for decades to come. All these photographs were taken at the same site in downtown Los Angeles, near 5th and Broadway, which was originally the city's primary business district. ‘Every portrait is taken in front of a boarded-up shop in black metal. This visual approach is intentional. By stripping down the environment to a basic black backdrop, the viewer’s gaze is focused on the details, belongings, and expressions of the individual,’ states Barbra Davidson.  

Why we believe in this NFT: Davidson remains committed to telling intimate stories. The story of the spread of the virus we all have been through is still not over yet. The photography collection ‘Pandemic Evidence’ is to present and preserve for future generations the pandemic in the form of a visual time capsule.  

We warmly welcome Barbara Davidson to Jenny DAO

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