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Lifeguard Towers: Miami #80

Lifeguard Towers: Miami #80

Tommy Kwak

Tommy Kwak’s work explores the transience of landscapes and natural forms through ethereal large-format color photographs. His work has been shown throughout the US and in Iceland, most recently in commissions for Louis Vuitton at their locations in NYC, Seattle, and Cologne, Germany. Kwak, based in the NYC area, has been photographing the lifeguard towers on Miami Beach since 2019. He first came upon the pink tower on 17th Street and has since photographed all 30+ towers along the 8.5 mile stretch of Miami Beach. This photograph is part of a subset collection of Kwaks' Lifeguard Towers" series on OpenSea, focusing on the 30+ towers on Miami Beach. 'I wanted to create a catalog of sorts making studies of each tower. To have them stand out, they were photographed with no people, using similar framing and long exposures to produce minimal sky and sea backdrops. In this methodical way, the photographs highlight the tower's bright colors and eccentric shapes revealing their unique personalities and bringing them to life,' states Tommy Kwak.  

Why we believe in: Tommy's style of photography celebrates a kind of ephemeral beauty, and at the same time transforms these entities into more graphic forms, bringing a fresh perspective on the lifeguard towers of Miami Beach.  

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