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LaPaz #12

LaPaz #12

Valentino Bellini

1984 born photographer Valentino Bellini lives and works in Palermo, Italy. He graduated at CFP R.Bauer of Milan in 2010. His work has been featured on L'Espresso, The Guardian, The Financial Times Weekend Magazine, The Washington Post, and Al Jazeera among others. Macroeconomic changes of the last decades have had a profound impact not only on society but also on the spatial reorganization of the territory. In today's cities distance hasn't just a geographical meaning, but also a social and economic one. Peri-urban areas have taken on the appearance of huge endless suburbs, a phenomenon known as 'Mancha Urbana' in Spanish countries. This is the first part by Valentino Bellini of an ongoing project documenting this topic on some of the biggest cities in Latin America.  

Why we believe in this NFT: The topic of suburbs and people who live on the periphery is becoming social economically more and more important. Bellini's photographs tell a story that matters.  

We warmly welcome Valentino Bellini to Jenny DAO  

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