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James and Other Apes (#JAPES), #14 Talian

James and Other Apes (#JAPES), #14 Talian

James Mollison

British born photographer James Mollison currently lives in Venice, Italy. His body of work is defined by original concepts applied to social and cultural themes. Mollison is the author of James & Other Apes, The Memory of Pablo Escobar, The Disciples, Where Children Sleep and Playground. James Mollison spent four years traveling the world to photograph the great apes, chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans and bonobos, our closest biological relative. #JAPES presents 52 individual portraits of these apes, alongside their names, stories and unique real life traits — with exclusive unlockable content for collectors. The story of Talian, the ape #14: Talian’s name means ‘Hope’ in Villi. She was brought to the sanctuary by Ministry of Waters and Forests after some time at Brazzaville Zoo. She now lives as part of a group at the Tchimpounga Sanctuary and was startlingly strong and agile.  

Why we believe in this NFT: Iconic Jane Goodall writes in the photo book about Mollison's apes–who are photographed as unique individuals, in the manner of passport photographs–‘the faces that look back at us also raise profound moral and scientific questions, including what it means to define ourselves human.’  

We warmly welcome James Mollison to Jenny DAO  

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