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ICONS - Gingersnap/Kasia Szarek

ICONS - Gingersnap/Kasia Szarek

Parker Day

Parker Day is an LA based photographic artist. She's had solo shows at Superchief Gallery, Peyer Fine Art, and NUC in Switzerland. Her monographs ICONS and Possession were published by Not a Cult. ICONS deals with self-creation. We are all costumed characters whether we realize it or not. Beyond the genetic hands we’re dealt, we forge our personas through occupation, clothing and hairstyle choices, our possessions, and how we communicate through body language and expressions. Too often, people believe that they are locked into social roles and play their parts such as that of a doting mother, a respected priest, a right-wing conservative, or an anti-establishment iconoclast. In casting themselves as singular identities, they forget the fullness of who they are.

Why we believe in this NFT: Day's series ICONS invites you to approach identity with a sense of play and malleability and to recognize the forgotten parts of yourself as you see them reflected in these portraits.

We warmly welcome Parker Day to Jenny DAO

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