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Greed #5

Greed #5

Peter Nitsch

Peter Nitsch is an upcoming mid-career German photographer living in Bangkok. The lifetime member of the Royal Photographic Society of Thailand is influenced by his no-man’s-land childhood in the Upper Palatinate and the German skater scene of the late eighties. His narratives of people in dialogue with life observe individual and collective identities through a bright, clean vision. Greed #5 is part of the ‘Tango in the Big Mango’ collection, a photo book of 160 works published by renown museum book publisher Hatje Cantz. The conceptual series Angst is embedded within the three thematic series ‘Greed. Growth. Angst’—each both singly and collectively pointing to troubling undercurrents.  

Why we believe in this NFT: As a social DAO this image addresses a point of view that can be found both in the Universe and the Metaverse and made us think. As the photographer says. ‘Over recent years, world leaders, economists, and big business (with all its attendant media and advertising energies) have encouraged a globalism defined by greed and gluttony, as well as endless material consumption. These pressures have aided a pervasive culture of boundless want and addiction in various ways. Regardless of whether one deserves the desired object or not, Buddhists believe that earnestly desiring something is a spiritual obstacle and poison. Certainly, modern Buddhism does not prohibit working for money; neither does it deny a common need for material possessions. The challenge is, rather, to manage one’s materialism thoughtfully to avoid becoming ensnared by it, no less governed by such forces to the point where they ultimately determine our individual or collective destinies.’  

We warmly welcome Peter Nitsch to Jenny DAO

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