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Finn Beales

To celebrate the publication of my new book 'Let's Get Lost', I am offering one of my favourite photographs for sale via Foundation.

This small, off-grid artist studio sits on the very edge of Fogo Island; a  windswept outcrop overlooking the raging Atlantic Ocean. As described by National Geographic: it is not so much a place but a state of mind.

I paid several visits to this studio during my stay on the Island. Places change throughout the day, depending on the light, and each visit left a distinct impression on me. However, after dark, the cabin, illuminated by the soft glow from its solar-powered lighting, really blinked into life, a lantern-like lighthouse commanding the North Atlantic sea.

The collector of this piece will receive a signed first edition of Let's Get Lost, and I will donate a percentage from this sale to the Shorefast Foundation. A registered charity dedicated to building cultural resiliency on Fogo Island via the arts.

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