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Ex Stasis II #4/5

Ex Stasis II #4/5

Reuben Wu

Reuben Wu is a multidisciplinary visual artist. His work belongs in the permanent collections of the Guggenheim Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the MoMA. The series EX STASIS with opens one's mind for the unnoticed and the hidden. Wu states himself about the collection of four audio-visual art pieces, ‘... which speak to my ecstatic experience of creation; a unique feeling which excites and motivates me to keep creating and exploring in the field of photography and visual art. A development from my Lux Noctis (drone lighting) project, this series focuses more on the intimate landscape, using practical in-camera lighting effects to interact with the immediate surroundings. As it gets dark, my surroundings cease to be an exterior experience and become a subliminal space, and that’s when I feel most connected and aware of my sense of being. This dynamic terrestrial chiaroscuro synchronizes with my sound design and music to form singular looping pieces which draw the viewer in.’  

Why we believe in this NFT: Reuben Wu uses inspiration to develop new artistic ideas. His direction of ‘exploration’ gives us a different view on the world in a more metaphorical dimension.  

We warmly welcome Reuben Wu to Jenny DAO  

NFT: https://opensea.io/assets/0x02e97aaec3551dcc925145ef9163a3fc0262cf83/45000020004  

Original collection: https://opensea.io/assets/0x02e97aaec3551dcc925145ef9163a3fc0262cf83/45000020004

Ex Stasis II by Reuben Wu

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