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Common Ground 18

Common Ground 18

Scott Strazzante

Scott Strazzante, a Pulitzer Prize winner, joined the photography staff at the San Francisco Chronicle in 2014 after spending the first 27 years of his career at Chicago newspapers, including 13 at the Chicago Tribune. Strazzante’s series ‘Common Ground’ follows two families living on the same plot of land, but many years apart. The commonalities that unite these families across place and time are shown in diptych photographs. Harlow and Jean Cagwin, long-time farmers, sold their land to a developer who transformed it into a subdivision after decades of ownership. The Grabenhofers then purchased a home built on the site of the Cagwin's farmhouse with their four young children. On the left image, we see two of the Cagwin's Angus beef cattle eat feed from a bucket on the 118-acre farm in suburban Chicago. The right photograph shows Nathan and Avery Moore riding on their Cinnamon Court driveway during a cup de sac wide Easter egg hunt in the Willow Walk subdivision. Scott Strazzante captures the simple yet meaningful moments that illustrate how these two families, who appear to live on opposite sides of the world, have a shared link and experience, a common ground.  

Why we believe in this NFT: Scott Strazzante proves that there are ties that connect us to each other, even when there are years in between.  

We warmly welcome Scott Strazzante to Jenny DAO  

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