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Bastard Countryside #34 & #35

Bastard Countryside #34 & #35

Robin Friend

London based photographer Robin Friend grew up in Melbourne, Australia. As a fine art photographer, he is exploring the Anthropocene with one foot in the past and two eyes on the future. Victor Hugo originated the word "bastard countryside" in his novel Les Misérables, in which he compares Paris to an "amphibian" that stretches out into the countryside and devours everything in its path. In Robin Friend's series of 50 images, it's the backdrop of Britain’s "bastard countryside" – a place where the urban and rural collide, a struggle between humanity and nature. ‘When I first began working on this project the world was a different place. It was 2003 and I was just beginning to hone my skills as a picture maker. A lot has since changed. I now have a young family and can’t help but wonder what kind of world we are leaving behind for the generations to come,’ states the photographer.  

Why we believe in this NFT: The slight distortion of color is part of his conceptual approach on the series, as the manipulation of color keeps the viewer guessing and challenges their misconceptions of what something should be like.  

We warmly welcome Robin Friend to Jenny DAO

NFT: https://foundation.app/@robinfriend/foundation/65747  
Original collection https://opensea.io/assets/0x3b3ee1931dc30c1957379fac9aba94d1c48a5405/65747

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