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Amy Woodward

Internationally exhibited & published photographic artist Amy Woodward is currently living and working on Kabi Kabi/Gubbi Gubbi Country (Sunshine Coast) Australia. Amy Woodward approaches her practice with a deep sensitivity and reverence for all stages of life, but pays special attention to the quiet magnificence, fragility, and fleeting nature of everyday life. Woodward uses a combination of digital, medium format, and 35mm film to portray honest and intimate stories. Why we believe in: Amy Woodwards monochrome portrait of Alice at home, captured in 2019, reveals many layers of questions and interpretation for the viewer, what is Alice feeling, what or whom she's looking at...  

We warmly welcome Amy Woodward to Jenny DAO  

NFT: Alice | Foundation
Original collection: https://foundation.app/@AmyWoodward/foundation/99104

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