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#305 Edition365 2021

#305 Edition365 2021

Karen Navarro

Karen Navarro is an Argentine-born multidisciplinary artist currently living and working in Houston. Navarro works on a diverse array of mediums that includes photography, collage, and sculpture. The Constructed Self (2019-2022) is a mixed-media series of puzzle alike portraits that use collage to visually represent the intersections of identity, self-representation, race and gender. Navarro explains, that by 'using digital photography as a foundation, I transform traditional prints into three-dimensional objects by cutting and incorporating tactile elements such as wood, paint, and resin. The labor-in-tensive techniques I apply to create these sculptural objects not only allow for a physical deconstruction of my images but also become a form of meditation that reflects my efforts in trying to reconstruct and make sense of my own identity.' Twisted Variation by Karen Navarro is part of the ART3io Edition365 collection, a once-in-a-century art & photography collection documenting the historic events between 11 March 2020 and 10 March 2021. Why we believe in: As an immigrant from Latin America, as well as a descendant of Indigenous Peoples from the South, Navarro maintains a priority to showcase the diversity within her models. She uses the collection as an opportunity to reframe the representation of historically marginalized identities.  

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