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22 Pigeons #11

22 Pigeons #11

Roe Etheridge

Roe Ethridge is a leading figure in contemporary photography today, with a broad exhibition history that includes elite institutions such as The Museum of Modern Art and The Whitney Museum of American Art. Pigeon #11 is part of a collection of twenty-two new pieces inspired by Ethridge's well knowns flying pigeon series. Ethridge adapted his original series in a new way, scanned and blended his analog pigeon images from the early 2000s to produce these original works, culminating in a collection of visually dynamic digital collages. Ethridge, who lived in New York City, was fascinated by pigeons' prevalence. In an interview with Gagosian (@Gagosian) he said, ‘It wasn’t my original intention, but it was out of necessity that I had to rent the pigeons. I tried to do it in the city, with the pigeon racers on the rooftops, but it was just too unwieldy. I needed a more controlled environment and then I realized, oh, in TV and movies the birds are just like models. It transformed into this “rent-a-muse” context that I ended up loving.’  

Why we believe in this NFT: We were interested in the subject of readapting an original series and transforming it into a new contemporary work of art.  
We warmly welcome Roe Etheridge to Jenny DAO  

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