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Anxious Pleasures - 2021_0401

Anxious Pleasures - 2021_0401

Amy Elkins

Amy Elkins works in photography, installation, and sculpture. She's a visual artist currently based in California. Elkins has been exhibited and published both nationally and internationally, including at Kunst Halle Wien in Vienna; the Center for Creative Photography in Tucson, AZ; the Minneapolis Institute of Arts; North Carolina Museum of Art and more. Her photographs have been published in American Photo, Eye Mazing, Financial Times, Harpers, NY Arts, and Vice among many others. Anxious Pleasures is a volume of blue and cyan made of 377 self-portraits. Amy Elkins explains that she 'made the first portrait on March 30th, 2020, a day when my head was raging in pain, my throat was constricted, and the fear that I might have contracted COVID hung over me before testing was easily accessible. I made the last portrait on April 10th, 2021, the day I received my 2nd vaccination. The days, weeks, and months in between feel like a fever dream—frayed and flickering in multitudes of blue.'  

Why we believe in: These self-portraits are about confronting the boredom, anxiety, grief, and fatigue of living in indefinite isolation during a global pandemic and therefore a witness of time.  

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